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  • My venue has a co-ordinator, why would I need a planner?"
    Most wedding specific venues would have a co-ordinator. This is excellent to help with the running of the venue and they are a valuable source of help on the day. However, a planner is there from the start of the process with you - they will help with the design and manage the suppliers as well as be there on the day to make sure things run smoothly. Also, the planner will help to keep and eye on the all important budget. They are there as a member of your wedding team - to deliver your day, your way!
  • Do you only work with certain venues and/or suppliers?
    At Eonía, we have worked hard to establish relationships with venues and suppliers in Santorini. As a result, we do suggest particular places and people due to a knowledge and trust of them and their work. However, if you have a particular venue or supplier in mind, do let us know. Maybe they are new - so we can expand our supplier cirlce, but also we can advise if they are not a reputable source for your special day.
  • Would you suggest clients take out wedding insurance?
    To be honest - yes! Insurance from a reputable supplier can bring you peace of mind. We can guide you should you need help too.
  • Do I need to travel to Santorini before my wedding?
    This is entirely up to you. Some people make a holiday of an advance trip and tie-in venue visits etc but this is not practical for all couples. We will tailor make a shortlist of venues for you and from the comfort of your own home you can choose the perfect venue from the information we will supply. One of the benefits of working with a wedding planner - they will be your eyes and ears!
  • Can you help with travel and accommodation?
    Although we are not a travel agent we can certainly make suggestions, based on budget, for accommodation in Santorini. We have spent a lot of time here so can also advise on flights and travel too.
  • Do we have to pay for our guests travel and accommodation?
    In short - no. Giving guests plenty of time to prepare and save and helping with information on hotels/villas etc usually is enough. In our experience, if you give people plenty of notice they will do their utmost to be there and often use it as an excuse to make a holiday out of the trip. Many couples also have a pre or post day event to spread the fun and festivities to help guests enjoy the island and get to know each other. Some even use attendance as their wedding gift!
  • We want to do a pre/post wedding event. Can you help?
    Destination weddings are seeing a trend for two or three day events. We would be happy to assist you with this. From sunset Caldera boat trips to beach chill outs - let's chat.
  • If you are based in the UK, will you be at our wedding day in Santorini?"
    Absolutely - try to stop us! We will start your planning and see it through to the end of your event. We will oversee the venue and vendors and make sure things run like clockwork - so you don't have to worry about a thing.
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