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Ten Reasons To Hire A Planner!

Congratulations! You are engaged and have celebrated with all your family and friends. Now comes the planning! There's no doubt that planning a wedding can be exciting and fun - but it can also be overwhelming and daunting. Where do you start? We offer 10 reasons we think hiring a planner will be the best investment you will make for your wedding.

1 - Keep The Stress At Bay

Spoiler - planning a wedding can be super stressful! In fact, a recent study found that planning your big day was the seventh most stressful life event. We don't think it should be. Planners are stress pros. Making your life easier by keeping everything on track and dealing with the stress before it gets to you. From a suppliers perspective, dealing with a planner and not the couple directly, can help streamline the process and prevent stress before it starts!

2 - Details, details, details....

Good planners thrive on the details. From initial stages of proposals and quotes, to contracts, budgets and terms and conditions, a planners keen and trained eye can save you time and money! Not forgetting the style details of the day itself of course!

3 - Tick Tock - Time

Chances are that you will be working a full time job and balancing a busy social life and, if you're anything like me, desperately trying to shoe-horn in a gym session! Planning a wedding is a huge time guzzler - planners can spend up to 250 - 300 hours planning a single wedding. By hiring a planner you can hand over the time-consuming job to a pro. Sourcing suppliers, creating and adjusting timelines, checking contracts, liaising with photographers, viedographers and all the vendors are just some of the things you won't have to worry about. With all that saved time not only will you be able to fit in the gym sesh - but a cocktail or two with pals as well!

4 - ££££ - Budget

It is so easy to get carried away when planning a wedding - but a planner will be there to reign you in and help you achieve your dreams within the all important budget. We crunch the numbers and manage your budget from start to finish. Our advice - set a budget at the start and stick to it. When we start working with our couples, we create a budget breakdown that reflects your priorities so that from the start you know exactly where you are spending your money, including setting aside a contingency fund to cover any last minute alterations or additions. It is worth remembering that a planner will remind you throughout the planning process of upcoming payments to venues and suppliers, but you will pay them directly.

5 - Access to the Best Suppliers

Planners will spend years developing relationships with suppliers in your chosen destination and they will curate a list of reputable suppliers with a proven track record. Part of the job is being able to pair the right supplier to the right couple - matchmaking if you will. Each couple's story is different and it is important to have the right people to help tell it on your big day.

6 - Experience and Knowledge Before you know it you will be asked to make decisions on things that you hadn't even thought of before - and it can be overwhelming. A planners knowledge, borne from experience, will help guide you through. From the more simple 'When should I send my Save-The-Dates?' to any tricky family politics and friends interference - planners have seen it all before and are there to help.

7 - Organised to the Nth Degree

Confession time - I'm a nerd and love a spreadsheet! There I've said it. There's something so satisfying having things organised well - to-do lists, brimming notebooks, detailed timelines and a post it note reminder thrown in for good measure! And planners need it. They are there to guide you through every step of the journey - schedules, payments, design, logistics there's a lot to stay on top of - so you can take comfort in the fact that by nature planners are organised creatures.

8 - Your Own Style Inspiration

You may have spent hours of your life pinning photos to boards and flicking through every available bridal magazine to get inspiration but a planner can help with it all too. They will be up to speed on the latest trends, the 'in' colours and style darlings of the season. They will be an amazing, and personal resource of style ideas, tips and inspiration - it's their job and it's their passion.

They will help take your vision and tastes and help to create a truly unique day reflective of you as a couple.

9 - One Vision

The planner will spend time getting to know you as individuals and as a couple. They will immerse themselves in your likes and dislikes, your dreams for your day and also get to understand your concerns. They will know your vision for your big day and will work tirelessly to make everything happen and look the way you want it.. They will also ensure that all the suppliers sing from the same hymn sheet - don't forget they will have spent time carefully matching suppliers to you as a couple and will want them to know and understand the vision for the day as much as anyone else.

10 - The Big Day Itself

The special day has arrived and the planner goes into Stage Manager mode. Every detail will be supervised by your planner - they will oversee the install and set up of your venue working with all the suppliers. They will be beavering away making everything perfect, working closely to the timeline they have created for you and your day liaising with and co-ordinating all all the vendors and teams making your day happen. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that any issues will be dealt with by your planner, meaning you can focus on what is truly important - enjoying every second of your special day and making memories that you and your nearest and dearest will treasure forever.


We hope this may help answer some of the questions you may have had about whether or not to hire a planner for your wedding. If you are curious about which service would best suit your needs then do have a look at our Our Services page to get some more details or contact us to organise a free consultation and let's get started. Happy Planning!

Till next time,



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